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MGB GT V8 Restored
MGB Roadster restored
MGB GT V8 Restored
MGB GT Restored
MGB Roadster V8 restored
MGB Roadster V8 3.5 restored

MGB GT V8 Restoration

Unleash the Legend: Bespoke MGB GT V8 Reborn

The MGB GT V8: a symphony of power and style, why settle for less than ours? Let us ignite your journey to a bespoke rebuild, crafting an MGB GT V8 that roars with your individuality.

From Resto to Bespoke

  • Restored: A recreation of the original GT V8.
  • Bespoke: Your vision unleashed, from the thrumming heart of the engine to the handcrafted interior, every detail reflects your desires.

We are pleased to show you in MGB GT V8 Restoration the technical specifications of its restoration and a complete gallery of restorations carried out for more than 30 years.

Specification System

Please read our Specification System for further information.


  1. Detailed Bodywork and Underbody Protection;
  2. Overhauled Braking and Suspension Systems;
  3. Engine and Drivetrain Rejuvenation;
  4. Exterior Refresh with Modern Touches;
  5. Luxurious Interior Revival;
  6. Final Touches and MOT Certification

MGB Roadster Restoration

Let us Craft Your Dream MGB Roadster: A Bespoke Rebuild Guide

We will steer you towards a bespoke rebuild experience, transforming an MGB Roadster classic car into a unique reflection of your desires.

Beyond Restoration: The Bespoke Advantage

Our bespoke rebuild transcends mere restoration. It’s about meticulously recreating your vision, from the V8 engine’s roar to the leather’s embrace. Unlike a “restored” car, a bespoke MGB becomes an extension of you, boasting performance and aesthetics tailored to your specific preferences.

We are pleased to show you in MGB Roadster Restoration the technical specifications of its restoration and a complete gallery of restorations carried out for more than 30 years.

Please read our Specification System for further information.

MGB's World

MGB History


From early experiences of driving to fond memories of friends or relatives owning one to the all too familiar tale of parting ways with a cherished MG to make way for a family-friendly car with more seats or as a deposit for a new home.

Please read our own History about MGB's cars here.



Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a newbie with a passion, here’s a comprehensive guide on what you need to know before making the MGB V8 your next prized possession.

Let’s shift gears and delve deep!

Read our comprehensive guide here.

Specification system


Unique specification system, developed in close collaboration with customers.

Please read our Restoration Specification system and Rebuild scheme here.

Restomod brief


An accesible brief of a MGB restoration process

Please read our Restoration & Modernisation brief here.

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