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The MGB Reborn: Your Bespoke Journey

We don’t just build MGBs, we re-imagine them. Pioneering Bespoke MGBs for over 3 decades, we’ve transformed how people experience these iconic classic cars.

Your MGB, Your Way

Forget the stuffy one-size-fits-all approach. Your Bespoke journey is fun and personalised. We focus on your needs, putting you in the driver’s seat to collaborate with our skilled engineers and express your vision for your MGB.

Hand-Crafted Excellence

We take immense pride in the quality of our Bespoke MGBs. Each one is as individual as you are, with every detail reflecting your unique preferences. Your input and feedback is invaluable in shaping the future of Bespoke MGBs, we believe in constant improvement.

Building Your MGB, Together

We’ve re-designed the Bespoke MGB buying experience. Working with our clients over the years, we’ve developed a streamlined system to personalise your car. This ensures a smooth journey, from inspiration to taking the wheel on collection day.

Celebrating a Legend

Here’s to the iconic MGB! The MGB V8 Roadster was never offered in Roadster form by the factory, however we have several options to suit all tastes.This spirit of passion and community fuels our dedication to the MGB.

Your Vision, Our Expertise

We combine our comprehensive experience of MGBs with a passion for exceeding expectations. This blend of technical knowledge, team leadership, and genuine love for the Marque allows us to create unforgettable Bespoke MGB experiences.

Beyond the Finishing Line

Our commitment goes beyond delivery. Preserving heritage while pushing Bespoke boundaries is our mission. Let us help you build an MGB and create a Bespoke masterpiece that reflects your own passion for the road.

Terry Lucas, Bespoke MGB

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Terry Lucas - Bespoke MGB

Bespoke MGB

BespokeMGB.com is a site of Terry Lucas.

Igniting a Passion for Bespoke MGB Restoration

This website is an online haven for MGB enthusiasts – The Place for Classic Car Rebuilds.

We strive for greater awareness, connecting with passionate MGB owners worldwide.

Our expertise for rebuilding your MGB is available at every stage of your MGB revival, fuelling your restoration journey.

We believe MGB classic cars deserve to be cherished and driven for generations to come.

This website is a testament to our love for the MGB and the joy of bringing them back to life.

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