Restomod Specification System

Unique specification system, developed in close collaboration with customers

Hull, East Yorkshire

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1. Detailed Bodywork and Underbody Protection

  • A meticulous surface preparation sets the stage. This includes inspections and corrections of door panel gaps, bonnet and boot alignment with the same attention to detail under the bonnet and in the boot.
  • Once the body-shell is ready, a high-quality paint job is applied for a stunning finish.
  • To ensure long-lasting protection undercoating is sprayed on the entire underbody, with additional rustproofing applied to the chassis sections for complete coverage.

2. Overhauled Braking and Suspension Systems

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  • Safety is paramount. A complete brake system overhaul includes new discs, reconditioned calipers, pads, and brake shoes.
  • All brake pipes, both rigid and flexible, are replaced for optimal safety.
  • The master cylinder and wheel cylinders are renewed for reliable braking power.
  • The complete clutch system receives the same treatment, with new master and slave cylinders, rigid and flexible piping.
  • Steering components receive a new steering rack, universal joint, track rod ends and mounting bushes.
  • The suspension is fully renewed with reconditioned or new kingpins, shock absorbers, and upper and lower suspension pans and springs using polyurethane bushes.
  • New shock absorber link bars, rear axle straps, and a new fuel tank with fuel pump, tank sender unit and pipes complete the chassis area overhaul.

3. Engine and Drivetrain Rejuvenation

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  • The heart of the car gets a new lease of life through a complete engine and gearbox rebuild to your chosen specification.
  • Carburettors and the distributor are meticulously reconditioned or replaced with new for peak performance.
  • The rear axle differential is reconditioned, and new springs, U-bolts, and rubber mounts ensuring smooth and reliable power distribution.
  • A brand new exhaust system, from the manifold to the tailpipe, keeps things running clean and quiet.
  • The wiring loom is replaced as well as a new or reconditioned alternator and starter motor.
  • New air and oil filters, along with quality engine oil, keep everything lubricated and clean.
  • The clutch gets a new pressure plate, friction plate, and release bearing for confident gear changes.
  • Engine and gearbox mountings are replaced to ensure a vibration free driving experience.
  • A new radiator and top and bottom hoses ensure efficient engine cooling.
  • The prop-shaft receives new universal joints for good power delivery.
  • The cooling system is revitalised with a new radiator, hoses, an electric cooling fan, a new water pump and thermostat.
  • A new battery, along with new connectors and earth straps, provides effective starting electrical power.

4. Exterior Refresh with Modern Touches

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  • We further enhance the visual appearance with new front and rear bumpers, overriders, and fitting kits.
  • We upgrade the lighting with new rear light units, modern sealed beam headlights, rims, and new headlamp assemblies as well as new rubber seals.
  • Replace wiper blades and arms, a fuel filter cap, door locks, and a gear lever knob.
  • Restore or replace your choice of wheels with a refurbishment process, and equip them with brand new tyres for great performance and grip.

5. Luxurious Interior Revival

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  • The interior is treated to a make-over. New carpets are installed on the floor and tunnel sections.
  • All window seals, mechanisms and handles are replaced for a quiet and weatherproof interior.
  • A new laminated windshield with glass seal and base seals ensures a clear view of the road.
  • The door panels, front and rear seats if a GT, and rear section are all re-upholstered or replaced for a pristine look.
  • New safety features are incorporated with fully retractable seat belts.
  • Enhance comfort with new armrests, hood tenax fittings, and a new hood in the type and colour you require.
  • The doors are reassembled and finished with new door cappings etc. for the final polished look.

6. Final Touches and MOT Certification

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  • The car undergoes a rigorous inspection process to ensure everything is functioning perfectly.
  • Minor adjustments and final tests are performed for best performance.
  • Once everything meets stringent safety and roadworthiness standards, the car is taken for its MOT test examination
  • The Grand Unveiling.

After this comprehensive restoration process, you’ll be presented with the keys to your very own Bespoke MGB classic car. You receive a photographic record of the restoration journey and a 12-month warranty for peace of mind.

A wheel brace and jack together with the spare wheel are placed in the boot, and you’re ready to embark on new adventures with your beautifully restored Bespoke MGB.

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