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A Bespoke Rebuild Guide

This guide will steer you towards a bespoke rebuild experience, transforming an MGB Roadster classic car into a unique reflection of your desires.

Beyond Restoration: The Bespoke Advantage

See our MGB Roadster Restomod Gallery directly here.

Our bespoke rebuild transcends mere restoration. It’s about meticulously recreating your vision, from the V8 engine’s roar to the leather’s embrace. Unlike a “restored” car, a bespoke MGB becomes an extension of you, boasting performance and aesthetics tailored to your specific preferences.

Finding Your Bespoke Partner

The key to a successful bespoke rebuild lies in selecting the perfect restoration team. Here’s how to navigate the search:

  1. Seek Recommendations from Fellow MGB Enthusiasts: Talk to fellow MGB owners, their personal experiences are invaluable in uncovering reputable bespoke rebuilders.
  2. Experience is Paramount: Don’t settle for anything less than seasoned professionals. Look for a workshop with a proven track record in bespoke MGB rebuilds. Years of experience translate to a deep understanding of the car’s intricacies and the ability to translate your vision into reality.
  3. A Workshop Visit Speaks Volumes: A personal visit to the restoration facility is crucial. Observe the work environment – is it clean, organised, and well-equipped? This reflects the workshop’s overall approach to quality and professionalism.

The Bespoke Consultation: Your Vision Takes Shape

During your initial consultation, discuss your Bespoke V8 MGB Roadster in detail. Reputable workshops will actively listen to your desires, from engine upgrades to custom upholstery. They should be able to guide you through the available options and potential challenges, ensuring your vision remains achievable.

Remember: Transparency is key to a successful and enjoyable rebuild experience and by following these steps, you’ll be well on your way to crafting a bespoke V8 MGB Roadster – a classic car reborn as a unique testament to your taste and passion for the open road.

Thank you,

Terry Lucas

Testing authority

All our restomod vehicles are then presented to the Ministry of Transport Testing Authority for the final examination before registration and road testing begins.

MGB Roadster Restoration Gallery

Tartan Red MGB Roadster

The Tartan Red MGB Roadster combines timeless style with vintage charm. This particular example features a sophisticated black leather interior with eye-catching red piping, creating a striking contrast that enhances the overall aesthetic.

In 2002, the car underwent a significant upgrade with the installation of a new Heritage shell, which has helped maintain its structural integrity and appearance over the years. The vehicle still presents in good condition, testament to the quality of the restoration work and subsequent care.

Adding to its classic appeal, the MGB Roadster boasts chrome wire wheels, a hallmark of British sports cars from this era. These wheels not only contribute to the car’s visual allure but also offer a smoother ride and improved handling characteristics. A practical touch is provided by the installed luggage rack, enhancing the car’s versatility for longer trips or weekend getaways.

While the car is generally in good shape, some work is now necessary to bring it back to its full glory. However, it’s important to note that this is not considered a difficult restoration project. With some focused attention and relatively straightforward repairs, this MGB Roadster could be returned to excellent condition, making it an ideal candidate for enthusiasts looking for a manageable classic car project.

The vehicle also features a black mohair hood, which adds to its period-correct appearance and provides protection from the elements when needed. For open-top driving, a black leather tonneau cover is available, allowing for a sleek profile when the top is down.

This MGB Roadster represents an excellent opportunity for classic car enthusiasts to own a piece of British motoring history. With its iconic Tartan Red paint, tasteful interior, and desirable features like wire wheels and a luggage rack, it offers a blend of style, practicality, and driving enjoyment that is characteristic of the MGB series.

MGB Roadster Restoration Gallery 1 - Bespoke MGB - CCHL Hull
MGB Roadster Restoration Gallery 1 - Bespoke MGB - CCHL Hull

Reborn Classic: Heritage Shell MGB Roadster in Midnight Blue

This stunning MGB Roadster has undergone a complete restoration in 2015, featuring a brand new, authentic Heritage body shell.

Finished in a timeless and sophisticated Midnight Blue paint job, the car exudes elegance and style.

The contrasting tan leather interior provides a luxurious and inviting feel, perfectly complementing the exterior.


  • Power comes from a fully reconditioned and unleaded 1800cc engine, ensuring a responsive and exhilarating driving experience.
  • The rebuilt 4-speed gearbox with overdrive provides smooth gear changes and effortless cruising on the open road.
  • Upgraded braking and suspension systems enhance handling and instill confidence behind the wheel.
  • Gleaming new chrome bumpers and grille add a touch of classic flair.

Modern Touches for Added Comfort

  • 15″ chrome wire wheels add charm while maintaining a sporty presence.
  • A stainless steel sports manifold and exhaust system enhance both performance and sound.
  • Electronic ignition ensures reliable starts and smooth running.
  • An electric cooling fan keeps the engine running cool, even on hot days.
  • An uprated heater provides year-round comfort, allowing you to enjoy top-down driving in any season.

Enhanced Details

  • Power brake servo reduces pedal effort for effortless stopping power.
  • Polyurethane bushes throughout the suspension improve handling and provide a sharper driving experience.
  • Bilstein front suspension further enhances handling and road feel.
  • The rich walnut dashboard and door cappings add a touch of sophistication to the interior.
  • A wood-rimmed alloy steering wheel provides a classic aesthetic with a comfortable grip.
  • A period radio is included offering traditional entertainment options.

This meticulously restored MGB Roadster is not just a car, it’s a rolling piece of automotive history. With its combination of classic looks, modern upgrades, and exhilarating performance, this roadster is sure to turn heads and provide countless miles of driving pleasure.

MGB Roadster Restoration Gallery 2 - Bespoke MGB - CCHL Hull
MGB Roadster Restoration Gallery 2 - Bespoke MGB - CCHL Hull

MGB Roadster 3.5 V8

This meticulously restored MGB V8 Roadster, fully reconditioned in 2019, boasts a mere 8,000 KMs on the odometer, offering a near-new driving experience with classic charm. The vehicle showcases a striking Pewter Silver finish, complemented by a luxurious full leather interior.

At its heart lies a powerful 3,500cc V8 engine, paired with a modern Mazda 5-speed gearbox for smooth and responsive performance.

This combination delivers the “effortless performance” characteristic of the MG V8, blending classic British sports car aesthetics with robust American V8 power.

The roadster features comprehensive upgrades, including:

  • Uprated brakes and suspension system for improved handling and safety.
  • 15″ Chrome wire wheels, enhancing both style and performance.
  • Plush red carpet underfelt and matching boot carpet for a cohesive interior look.
  • Door mirrors for improved visibility.
  • Leather centre console in matching red, adding a touch of luxury.
  • Wood rim steering wheel, providing a classic feel.
  • Cream-faced instruments for easy readability and period-correct aesthetics.
  • Panhard rod-braced rear axle for enhanced stability.
  • Metallic paint finish for a premium appearance.
  • Red mohair hood, offering both style and weather protection.

This left-hand drive model caters to continental European and American markets, with the option for right-hand drive conversion available

MGB Roadster Restoration Gallery 3 - Bespoke MGB - CCHL Hull
MGB Roadster Restoration Gallery 3 - Bespoke MGB - CCHL Hull

MGB V8 Roadster rebuild

Completely rebuilt V8 engine, for improved power and efficiency.

A new 5-speed gearbox for better highway cruising and overall drivability.

New complete clutch assembly for smoother operation and increased durability.

Stainless steel sports manifold and exhaust system for improved flow.

Upgraded the front suspension with modern components for improved handling and ride quality.

4-pot front brake calipers for increased stopping power.

Replace the brake servo with a new unit to ensure reliable braking performance.

Consider upgrading to adjustable coilovers or performance shock absorbers for better body control.

Refinish the exterior in a high-quality paint of your choice
Restore or replace the Dunlop composite wheels.

Install a custom leather interior of your selection for a luxurious feel.

Upgrade the heater system for improved climate control.

Add sound deadening material throughout the cabin for a quieter ride.

Consider installing modern audio equipment with Bluetooth connectivity.

New wiring harness for improved reliability.

Replace old switches and gauges with new or refurbished units.

Install LED lighting for better visibility and reduced power consumption.

Consider adding power steering for easier low-speed manoeuvring.

Upgrade to larger, wider wheels and tires for improved grip and handling.

Install a limited-slip differential for better traction and cornering performance

Upgrade to high-performance brake lines and fluid for consistent braking performance

MGB Roadster Restoration Gallery 4 - Bespoke MGB - CCHL Hull
MGB Roadster Restoration Gallery 4 - Bespoke MGB - CCHL Hull

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